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tables in smartforms

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hi gurus

where can we mention the column number for the fields in a table(text) in smartforms?


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U will not specify any column number in Table Text. Col is alloated to cell in one to one manner.

Suppose, ur it_table contains 3 col say col1, col2, col3.

create a line item in with 3 cols specify the required width say tcol1,tcol2, tcol3. then




We will specify column numers and line number in template(text).



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Hi Srk,

If you created a Table, you can create a Line Type for that.

For every column you created in the Line Type, smartform will automatically create the rows created in the Line Type.

Example, you have create a Line Type of 3 columns, right click the the TABLE and create a new ROW. After selecting which row to be used, it will automatically create 3 columns (which you have created when you made the Line Type).

If you created a Template, you will assign the Text to which cell it should be place.

Example, you have created a template of 3 column, for the first Text, go to the tab Output Options, then for the Line, if it is the first Line Type, then put there 1, then for the Column, put there which column it should be printed. Let say 2.

The text will be displayed is at the 2nd column of the first Line Type you have created.

Hope this helps.


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hi check this..

double click on the table..

choose details pushbutton---->choose line types like this..

Table Width : 18.00 cm

1 2 3 4 5

%LTYPE1--->4.00 cm 3.00 cm 5.00 cm 2.00 cm 4.00 cm

then go to the table -

> right click>create table line-->

give line type as %LTYPE1 then it will create 5 columns..