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TABLES IN SD(Sales & Distribution)

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Hi Guys,

I am part of Migration we are mapping the Fields of SAP with Peoplesoft. Now we are carrying with SD Module of SAP. there are lot of things Confusing me in SD. First of all the fallowing tables in SD Related to Sales Order i will name a few







the above tables having the info of sales Order as i am new to this terminology any one please Explain me wat is sales Order , Billing Documents, Shipping And Delivery. In SD How Document Moves From One Department to other in SD.




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Hi Kiran,

Check this documentation.

Process Summaries…

Create Sales Order

1. Use Transaction Code VA01

2. Identify Sales Office

3. Enter Sold-to-party (customer) and purchase order number and date if applicable

4. Enter material, quantity and rate

5. Credit income to account (Internal Order or WBS element)

6. Enter partner (University contact details)

7. Save Sales Order

Create Billing Document

1. Directly after saving the Sales Order, follow the path Sales document> Billing.

2. Save the billing document

Other than as a follow-on function

1. Use Transaction Code VF01

2. The sales order number will default in – check that it is correct

3. Save the Billing document

Print a Billing document immediately

1. Use transaction code VF03

2. Enter the Billing Document number.

3. Follow path Issue Output to > Printer

4. Click on execute twice

5. To preview, follow the path Issue Output to > Screen and click on execute twice to view

Document Flow

1. Use transaction code VA03 (Sales Order/Credit Memo or VF03 (Billing document) or

2. Follow the path Environment > Document Flow

3. Enter the document number

4. Click on the document overview icon

Common Transaction Codes

Create Sales Order VA01

Create Credit Memo VA01

Change Sales Order VA02

Display Sales Order VA03

List Sales Order VA05

Create Billing Doc VF01

Display Billing Doc VF03

Cancel Billing Doc VF11

Print Billing Doc VF03

Check out the following links for further information

Hope this resolves your query.

Reward all the helpful answers.


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Follow this link, v useful for your purpose.

Jogdand M B

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please tell me how to reward points.

this ebook is been a good help to me