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Table Z* does not exist in the database



I was trying to add two fields in one z* table which was already created earlier.

While creating and activating data element for that new field, found that table is still in Inactive mode. Then, I tried to activate through Database utility with Save Data mode. But, after completing database utility activity table started to show following errors.

1. Table Z* does not exist in the database (When I try to open in SE11->Display)

2. Z* is locked because a restart log exists and Table Z* does not exist in the database (When I try to activate)

3. No database table exists for table Z* (When I try to open database)

Also, there are other errors are showing in Database Utility.

There were more than 300 rows of data in the table. But, I am not able to understand that will I get the all data and will recover the table as it is.

Please suggest what we can do best to solve this inconsistency.


Amol Khochare


Active Contributor

Do you understand that we can't help you if we don't even "see object log and analysis" ? Thanks. And please DO NOT UNLOCK the table ! (it means you'd lose the data for ever)

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There should be a copy of your data (renamed QCMZxxx) on database server, so do not panic...

Did you click "Analyze adjustment" and read syslog/dump ?

Ref: 1925322 - How to roll back table conversion?

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Hi Amol

It happened to us before when we change the field length in table, I recommend SAP Note above advise by Sir Raymond.