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Table wizard control in Dialog Programming

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I am using table wizard control. In my table control i have three rows(records).

is there any way to identify which row i have selected?

My requirement is, Based on row selection, I want to use the data in further.




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Using the Table Control Wizard

This wizard allows you to create a working table control quickly and easily. It also lets you generate certain standard table maintenance functions.

You can create table controls in this way and then adapt them to the particular needs of your application.


Creates an instance of the table control.

Assigns an ABAP Dictionary or program table to the table control.

Selects the table fields for the column definition.

Assigns important table control attributes.

Generates the relevant statements in the screen flow logic.

Creates PBO and PAI modules, subroutines (for standard table maintenance functions), and all necessary data definitions.

Generates standard functions for table maintenance (scrolling, insert/delete lines, select/deselect all).

Creates includes for the modules, data definitions, and subroutines, if required.


To start the table control wizard:

In the graphical Screen Painte

Start the layout editor.

Switch to change mode if necessary.

Choose from the element toolbar.

Define the table control area on the screen.

The wizard is now started in a separate dialog box.

The wizard now takes you through the steps required to generate a working table control. The process consists of seven dialogs in which you define the attributes of the table controls and the ABAP code that needs to be generated. You can navigate between the dialogs using the Continue and Back buttons. When you choose Finish, the table control is generated.

In the alphanumeric Screen Painter

Start the layout editor.

Switch to change mode if required.

Position the cursor where you would like the top left-hand corner of the table control area to be.

Choose Edit ® Wizards for creating elements ® Table control.

Position the cursor where you would like the bottom right-hand corner of the table control area to be.

Choose Mark end of ctrl.

The system starts the wizard in a separate dialog box.

The procedure then continues as described in step 5 above.

If an error occurs when you generate the table control, or you cancel the wizard, all of the objects and ABAP coding generated by the wizard are deleted.

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The table control attribute CURRENT_LINE gives you the current line that is being processed.

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Prakash Ghantasala

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if i select second line , the table current line shows one only. I thing it is showing the how many lines has been selected? But My requirement is different. If i select second line item, then i will use second line item datas only for my further clarifications.

how can i identify whether i have selected that particular line item?


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I've the same problem, did you or anyone found how to solve this? CURRENT_LINE doesn't work...



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still i am not getting the solution for the above problem.