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Table or FM to determine whether outbound delivery is archived or deleted

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Is there any table or function module in SAP which can help me in determining whether an outbound delivery has been archived or deleted ?

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if you are archiving the document ,eans , the document number and archive guids would be stored in the TOA* tables. check which archive repository is used for the outbound delivery in your system and which table it uses to store data.

you can hit this table, if you get an entry that means its archived, if not then deleted. (considering you have already checked that the data is not present in outboundd delivery tables first)

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You can try searching in the Archive Infostructure Table if the delivery is not found in LIKP table.

To find the Infostructure table, do the following steps.

Step 1. The archiving object for deliveries is RV_LIKP. Goto Table AIND_STR1 and get the infostructure (Field ARCHINDEX) where OBJECT = RV_LIKP.

Step 2. Get the underlying infostructure table name (field GENTAB) from table AIND_STR2 where ARCHINDEX = Infostructure from step 1. Usually GENTAB will be in the format ZARIXSDx.

Step 3. Once you get the Archive Infostructure table, you can do a select query to find if an entry exists in the table or not.

If it is not there in the archive also, then it might have been deleted as per deletion rules set aside by your company.

Hope this helps.