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Table node in Smart Forms

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Hi all,

I have a bit of a problem in smartforms.

I created a table node with two loops, the first loop is at the internal table it_contrato, this loop is the one you declare on the table, the other one is at the internal table it_bsid. which is in the table positions.(main area of my table node).

my problem is that I want to compare in the where clause of the second loop this two fields: wa_contrato-matnr (containing 700005) = wa_bsid-xblnr(containing 0000700005). this is, to loop only when this two fields are the same.

How can I compare this two field in the where clause if the matnr has leading zeros and the matnr doesn't ?


Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
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Before sending the data to the smartform, you would have to make sure that those fields are of the same format.

When filling the internal tables, do the conversion routine against them to make them the same.


Rich Heilman

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Create one more field in the internal table(say field1).Once data are getting populated in that internal table,just create a program line and in that

loop at that populated table.

Use conversion_exit_alpha_output to remove leading zero.

modify that new field.

Then use that new field to compare.