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Table Maintenance Generator

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what is meant by Table Maintenance Generator.

why it is used.

how it works.

with regards



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Hi Thiru ,

First wishing u a very happy new year

Table Maintenance Generator is used to update or upload the entries in database table through the Transaction SM30 .

In the table maintainnance generator u are asked for the authorization group , Function Group

and the way u need to upload the Entries in SM30 i.e through 1 screen method or two screen method

In a way it is a way when done u are able to upload entries in the database table .

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Table maintenance generator is basically used to do table operations like (insert, delete, modify...).

if you create table maintenance for your table it will build a module pool program, by using you do the above operations.

below is the procedure to create table maintenance generator.

1) Create one function group.

2) after activating your Ztable, choose 'Utilities'----> 'Table maintenance genrator'.

3) then give the authorization group and function group created abobe in the next screen.

4) Then choose the "create" button in your application tool bar, which will creates the module pool program.

5) then create one Tcode by chosing "Transaction with parameters( parameter transaction)".

6) in transaction field give "SM30", select the check box "Skip initial screen".

7) in the below of that screen you can find the "Default values" frame.

😎 there under the "name of screen field" select the "View name' and 'update".

9) in value column against to "view name" give you table name, and against to "Update" put 'X' in capital letters.

save it then you can straight away use this newly created Tcode to maintain your table.

Note:- 1) you can do modification to this newly generated program (even though it looks like standard program; no need to enter the access key).

2) if you do any changes to your table and press the activate button automatically the table maintenace generator will be goes off, you need to create this again.

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Check this out and Reward points if useful..

-Bhavin P Shah

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This may help you.

table maintanance Generator is used to manually

input values using transaction sm30

follow below steps

1) go to se11 check table maintanance check box under

attributes tab

2) utilities-table maintanance Generator->

create function group and assign it under

function group input box.

also assign authorization group default &NC& .


select standard recording routine radio in table

table mainitainence generator to move table

contents to quality and production by assigning

it to request.

4) select maintaience type as single step.

5) maintainence screen as system generated numbers

this dialog box appears when you click on create


6) save and activate table

/message/2831202#2831202 [original link is broken]

One step, two step in Table Maintenance Generator

Single step: Only overview screen is created i.e. the Table Maintenance Program will have only one screen where you can add, delete or edit records.

Two step: Two screens namely the overview screen and Single screen are created. The user can see the key fields in the first screen and can further go on to edit further details.



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Table Maintenance Generator (TMG) is a tool which is used to create a equipment by which customized tables created by end users can be changed as required,such as making an entry to that table,deleating an entry etc.

The purpose of table maintainence generator is to enable the table maintenance through SM30, and to implement and validation etc on table field inputs.

SM30 is the transaction code to create table maintenance generator.

Follow the below steps to create TMG

In se11 goto

1) Utilities

2) Table maintenance generator

3) Give the function group

4) Authorization group .

5) Maintenance type that is 1 . step or 2 . step .

6) Click on generate screen in the application tool bar .

7) Your screens will be generated .

😎 Click on create Select the required option , save and come back .

Check out this screenshots are provided how to do step by step



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thanks for all answers