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Table mainetenance generator

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Hello frnds,

Is it possible to give a selection screen in table maintenance generator.

The requirement is this there is a Ztable and they want a table maintenance generator for that and they have given several fields which they want to use as a selection criteria. please help me in this.


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In SM30, you can choose the Enter Restrictions Radio button, using which you can have the selection screen functionality.



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I am not sure

You can write a report with a selection screen and use a Table Control for the same.

This Table Control should then be used to update the Custom Table

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Hi Navneet,

Have a look at SAP help on generating a table maintenance dialog.

Hope this helps.


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Hi Navneet,

It is not possible to provide selection criteria for table maintenance generator.. forum experts let me know if i m wrong.

I guess ur required is like on basis of of selection criteria the table maintenance should show the entries from the ztable and then this can be edited or deleted by end user.. let me know if i m wrong..

In this case what you can do is create a custom report with selection criteria. Based on these selection criteria select the entries from ur ztable and show it in table control. Provide option for editing and deleting this entries. Also do not forget to provided option to add new entries too. This will achieve both the functionality of table maintenance and even wht ur client wants.

At the end create a transaction for this report and give this tcode to ur client..

Hope this helps you..

Enjoy SAP.

Pankaj Singh.

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Hello Friends,

They want to have it through SE30 only i.e. table maintenance generator. and I am not able to find how to set up the selection condition over there,

There is one radio button ' select condition ' But the radio button works only once and we need to set up again.

Might be we can do it by creating variant but I am not able to create a variant



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It is not possible