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table is taking more time for execution

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hi all,

i'm passing eban-banfn to ekpo-banfn to ebeln,

but when give banfn value in ekpo, table its is taking lot

of time for execution....

if i use select its taking lot of time..

how to over come this problem




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Hi pass eban-konnr to ekpo-ebeln, eban-ktpnr to ekpo-ebelp, eban-banfn to ekpo-banfn.

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You mean you are doing a select on table EKPO with WHERE BANFN EQ some value? Since there is no key field in the where condition and no index to use this will always be a full table scan and depending on the size of your table this could be a significant performance impact.

If there is no way for you to pass in a value for EBELN in the where condition as well, the only option to speed up the access to the table would be to add a new index to the table for field BANFN.

Hope that helps,


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Hi, suprith kumar

As they wrote, You must use index to access EKPO. Try use the fields banfn and bnfpo.


Paulo Afonso Codeiro

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