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TABLE-FIELD question

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In QA13, after entering the Inspection Lot, you will see the characteristics tab. In the said tab, there's a table control that has a "Specifications" column in the table control.

With these, I have two questions:

(1) I would like to know if there's a table-field that hold the value of the said field "Specifications"?

(2) If there's no available table-field that holds the said value, is there an FM / BAPI that retrieves the said value?

Thank you very much!


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By the way, the problem here is that the said field is not found in table QAMV. However, it seems that the said value is dependent from the field CodeGrp/SelSet (QAMV-AUSWMENGE1 ) since I also found the value of "Specification" in transaction QP03 (Dsplay Inspection Lot Catalog).

To be exact, It seems that the field that I need -"Specification"-is the text assigned to CodeGrp/SelSet (QAMV-AUSWMENGE1). However, it is nowhere to be found in the table QAMV.

Do you guys think I can find it in another table? Or probably use a FM / BAPI to extract the field/text that I need?

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I just noticed that specifications are stored is QAMV/PLMK for those having limits (TOLERANZOB and TOLERANZUN). If there is no limits, then texts as "Mischfarben / Secondary colors" are printed. I need to get this text. Unfortunately, this is not available in table QAMV/PLMK.

I'm thinking that I need to use an FM that will retrieve the text since it's nowhere to be found on the said tables. Do you guys have an FM in mind?

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