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Table entries are getting deleted from custom SAP table

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I have a custom SAP table the entries of which are getting deleted. This table is used by many custom programs. I want to know the program or delete statment that is deleting the contents of this custom table.

Can anybody help me with this issue.


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If you turn logging on for your table (under technical settings in table maintenance). You can view changes to the table using program RSVTPROT.

Execute RSVTPROT, select an updated record and click the 'Display details' button (F2). This will show you the transaction, program, server, user, date and time.

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Do the following to check whats happening

1. Check the structure of the table to make sure the keys are the way you want it. The table will adjust data according to the structure it has and so if you are expecting some data with all the fields same but one and havent declared it as a primary key then the table will overwrite the entries and you will only see 1 entry.

2. do a "where-used" on the table and see where it is used. is there a piece of code somewhere which is modifying this table....

Hope this helps...

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Hi Chandra,

Go to transactio code SE11 and enter Database table with custom table name. Then click on Whereused list button (CTRLSHIFTF3)and check/select only program.

The system will then diplay all programs that used above custom table. From here, you can find programs that have delete statement by double click on program list.


Ferry Lianto

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Tx:ST04, click on detail analysis menu button, click on SQL request button, enter DELETE<table name> in SQL statement template and execute.

YOu'll see list of all delete statements deleting records from the table and program name in another column.