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Table Control

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Can Someone Explain me between Table Control and Step Loop..

How Table control is displayed in the Screen?..

My Exact Requirement is I need to search for a particular value in a table displayed using table Control that has a scroll bar... It was needed in BDC...


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Check the link for a sample program for using TABLE CONTROL in BDC..



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<b>Table Control:-</b>

These are the screen elements used to display tabular data they can be called

as screen tables( like STEP LOOP).To use table control we have to create it on the screen using SCREEN PAINTER(SE51) and declare a control variable of TYPE TABLEVIEW using CONTROLS statement in the ABAP program. We have to use LOOP .. ENDLOOP statement in both PBO and PAI with or without AT int_table parameter. IF AT int_table parameter is not used than we have to place a MODULE call between the LOOP...ENDLOOP statement to fill the screen table rows from the ABAP program in PBO and program our own scrolling functions

using OK_CODE field.

Having a parallel loop(at screen table rows & int table rows) by using parameter

AT int_table makes the ABAP code simple.

A special structure of type CXTAB_CONTROL is used to set/get various

attributes of table control at runtime like CURRENT_LINE ,TOP_LINE.

<b>STEP LOOP :-</b> The STEP LOOP are the predecessor of TABLE CONTROL they are used to

display tabular data on the screen.They are repeated sequence of blocks of screen element.In a step loop number of screen elements

are combined together to form a loop block.There are 2 types of step loops

1)fFxed Size 2)Variable Size..

In a fixed size loop the number of loop blocks shown in the screen is fixed,while in case of variable size step loop the number of blocks will change dynamically

according to the size of the screen.There could be only one variable step loop per screen and unlimited fixed size step loops per screen.

A step loop can extend more than one line on the screen(see Table Control).A vertical scroll bar is automatically created to show step loops on he screen.

Step loops have no name. We use LOOP ...ENDLOOP to program step loops in a screen in both PBO and PAI.

Since the number of loop blocks in variable step loops can change the number of loop blocks at any moment is placed by the system in system field SY-LOOPC

and the current step loop pass number is placed in system field SY-STEPL .

Loop Type attribute is used to specify the type of step loop and Loop Count attribute is used to specify the number of step loop blocks that will be displayed on the screen at a time.

you can conver the Steploop to the Table control:-

see the below link for some more information about the Table controls:

<b>Handling Table Control in BDC</b>