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Table Control

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Hi all,

In table control, after displaying resords sorting should be done for a particular field. Where to write sort statement?

Expecting reply...



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You should write your code in PAI. Check for the OK_code or system command.



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look at the demo programm.


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Why do you want to sort the data after you display?

YOu can sort the data just befor the display itslef right?

If you want to have a sort button on the screen, then you have to code in the PAI section.



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Check the sample programs..





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Provide a sort button in the application toolbar,

Based on the function code, In PAI, in the user command write the condition for sorting.



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Hai Ravi

1) Screen tables

A table can be created in transaction. These tables, when designed on the screen are called as SCREEN TABLES.

These are of two types.

Table Controls and Step loops

These tables are treated as Loops.

2)Features of Table Controls

Data is displayed in the form of table.

Table control gives user the feeling of an actual table.

You can scroll through the table vertically as well as horizontally.

You can select rows and columns.

You can resize the with of columns.

You can have separator lines between rows and columns.

Automatic resizing of the table when the user resizes the window.

You can update information in the table control and it can be updated in the database table by writing code for it.

3)Steps for creating table control

Declaration of table control in module pool program.

Designing of table controls on the screen.

Passing data to table control in flow logic.

4)Declaration of TC in MPP


controls <name of table control> type tableview using screen <‘screen no.’>.

5)Designing Table control on screen

Click on Table in Control bar and place it on the screen. You can adjust the length and width of the Table Control.

Name the table control.(same name as given in data declaration).

From dictionary object OR from program fields select the fields and place them in the table control

6)Passing data to table control

Usually transfer of data from program to screen is automatic.

In case of TC, you need to explicitly transfer the data to table control.

ABAP/4 provides Loop statement, which is associated with flow logic to transfer the data.

7)Passing of data contd.


Loop at <name of internal table> with control <name of table control> cursor <scroll variable>.




Loop at < name of internal table>.Endloop.

8)Scroll variables

Top_line : the row of table where the screen display starts.

Current_line : the row currently being processed inside a loop.

9)Transfer of data from prg to TC.

With ‘Loop at …’ statement, the first row is placed in the header of internal table.

If any module is specified between Loop and End loop, it will be executed. In this module, generally we will be assigning this internal table fields to table control screen fields.

The row in internal table is transferred to the TC as stated in the ‘Loop at…..’ statement.

The system encounters the ‘Endloop’ statement and control is passed back to the next line of internal table.

In the same way all the records of the internal table are passed to the TC.