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Table Control

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Hi All,

I have to create a table control where the number of columns are going to be dynamic. I am able to make it disable not invisible.

The scenario is When ever i am executing the report depeding upon the number of days left in that month I have display the days as columns.

Example: If i execute on 2/1/2006 i should have 30 column staring from 2/1/1006 to 31/1/2006.

If i execute on 18/1/2006 i should have 14 column staring from 18/1/1006 to 31/1/2006.

Kindly let me know if anybody haave worked on this scenario.




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Instead of a table control, I think you can achieve this with an ALV in a custom control. Define a custom control on your screen and display your dynamic internal table in the ALV grid in this control.


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hope you find this useful

tab_ctrl(control table) type cxtab_control.
* code to hide starts here.

data cols  type <b>cxtab_column</b>. 
data col_tab type <b>cxtab_column</b> occurs 10.
col_tab = tab_ctrl-cols[]. 

loop at col_tab  into cols. 
  check cols-screen-name = col_name. "column name to hide 
  cols-invisible = 'X'.
  modify col_tab from cols. 

tab_ctrl-cols[] = col_tab[].

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when the number of rows are dynamic, its always best to use custom control.

use alv objects concept for that