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System Recommendations Security Notes

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Dear Colleagues,

We have started to use the system recommendations in Solution Manager 7.1 SP6. We are applying all security notes regarding priority 1 and 2. We have seen that especial in the area of java the notes are sometimes not relevant for our systems. We can put the security note in system recommendation to the status irrelevant but our audit colleagues want to see a reason. Does anyone know if in future SAP will offer a empty field where we get add the reason why we have not implemented the note which is not relevant for our system?




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You might get lucky and a coder from SAP will reply here, but I doubt it.  you may want to contact the ASUG Influence Council for SolMan and ask the question.   Or open an OSS message.

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I am curious how you maintain the status for the system. If you have a small number of systems then you can select each and mark it as irrelevant, however, we run a very large estate and doing this for 40 - 60 systems is not practical.

Our team could end up spending all their time just maintaining this status and have little time left over for something useful.



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Dear Peter,

We perform the System Recommendations Security Notes for around 60 systems. I have asked SAP to enhance the status field with a free description field otherwise our audit will not accept the list and we need to maintain the data in excel. Per month we have 4-6 notes which are irrelevant. So we would flag 60 systems multiply by 4-6 notes and description field.

Based on your input I will ask SAP if they it will be possible to mark notes for all systems are irrelevant and then we would only need to add one description field.