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suppress the zeros after decimal point

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Hi ppl,

Is there any FM available to suppress the unnecessary zeros after the decinal point in a value?

eg. 123.500 -> 123.5




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Please try FM FTR_CORR_SWIFT_DELETE_ENDZERO . This will solve your problem but it is supressing in case when there is no decimals also.

eg:- 123.500 -> 123.5

1235600 -> 123456

Please try if you able to call this FM in case of decimal value only.


Mamta Gupta

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Be more specific, is this a write, an alv, a table control?

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You are saying it as a value. The value belongs to which data type?

float or decimal or Packed?

The function module FTR_CORR_SWIFT_DELETE_ENDZERO works when the import parameter is of type C.

So do like this, copy the input variable into a temp variable of type c. then pass temp variable to function module's changing parameter.

Then, copy the temp variable value to the actual variable.

Best Regards,


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DATA: a(10) TYPE c ,

lv_num1(10) TYPE c,

lv_num2(10) TYPE c,

lv_num3(10) TYPE c.

a = '22.500'.

SPLIT a AT '.' INTO lv_num1 lv_num2.

SPLIT lv_num2 AT '0' INTO lv_num3 lv_num2.

concatenate lv_num1 '.' lv_num3 into a.

WRITE:/ a.

o/p : a = 22.5

Edited by: BrightSide on May 8, 2009 2:55 PM