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supply network planning

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Hi can anyone explain me abt supply network planning

Tables/transactions involved in it.

Thanks in advance


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Check below links for more details...It explains everything abt Supply chain management

Building Block: Supply Network Planning

The building block Supply Network Planning (SNP) provides the configuration that enables you to conduct short to mid-term planning for your entire supply chain network. The result of Supply Network Planning is a feasible supply plan that complements the unconstrained demand plan.

Function List

Supply Network Planning supports a rough short to mid term planning. The smallest planning period in SNP is a day. Taking into account capacities for purchasing, production, distribution and transportation, SNP generates planned orders, purchase requisitions and stock transport requisitions.

The configuration delivered with this building block includes following functions:

Interactive Supply Network Planning using heuristics followed by capacity leveling

Interactive Supply Network Planning using the optimizer

Setting up Deployment to plan the distribution of the produced quantities and create confirmed stock transfer orders

Setting up a Transport Load Builder (TLB) run to merge several existing, confirmed stock transfer orders into individual transport orders and optimize the transportation load

Releasing SNP planning results to SAP R/3 or within SAP APO to Demand Planning as the constrained forecast or to Production Planning for further processing

Key Points

Flexible input of forecast data. Supply Network planning is based on planned independent requirements that can be transferred from SAP R/3 or SAP APO.

Flexible release of SNP results. The planned orders, purchase requisitions and stock transport requisitions can be further processed in SAP R/3 or SAP APO.

Interactive planning desktop for visualizing and interactively modifying your planning figures

Predefined profiles enable you to start using heuristics, the optimizer, deployment and the transportation load builder immediately

SNP Optimizer. This application is used to plan the product flow along the supply chain and is based on user-defined constraints and penalties

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