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Supplier Catalog SAP ECC

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My requirement is to find the tables where I can get number of suppliers registered for a material in a catalogue.

Purchase info record provides me historical purchase transactions done for a material from various suppliers.

I would like to get all the suppliers related to a material irrespective of purchase transactions.

Can you please provide information on tables used to get all the potential suppliers for a material.




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Hi Narendiran,

I had created a similar report on my job in the past.  I would say try joining tables MARA (for material) & LFA1 / LFB1.

Now, the above relationship will work if Materials are customized in MM (on the time of implementing SAP or later on in the stage), to relate directly from Vendors.  In other words, which vendors are responsible for which Materials to deliver.  If above criteria is defined, and later on new materials are put in, in the system, the MM configurator has to define (when putting the new materials) as to which vendor to associate those material with.  That way the new materials will be captured as well, if you run the above report.

Now, joining the two could be a task.  Since, I haven't done it myself exactly the thing you are trying to do, but I can say this that, if you don't get a common joining field within the above two tables, then try finding a third table which has some common field among the two above tables.

Once the report comes out, then find a field in the third table that you can use to get your final result.  So, it would be a 2-3 step process.  You can do it in SQVI.