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sum of values of a intenal table field

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I have a requirement that in a internal table there are number_of_days_in_month*48 records in which for each day there will be 48 intervals , i have to add the 48 intervals of a day into single value so that i can create a internal table containing number_of_days_in_month records,please suggest me a helpful answer.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi, try to use at end of event ... end at and sum it for every day and append it into another internal table, so that it meets your requirement.



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Dear Chetan,

Find out about the control processing statement AT END OF... ENDAT.

Prerequisite - The internal table should be sorted based on the field that you are using for statement AT END OF....

It will solve your purpose. Thank you.



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As suggested, either control break statement should be used here (AT NEW, AT END OF ...) or sample logic like:

For selected month

     For each record (day) within month

           Check record for this day exists in target table

                  If yes collect data under this existing record (from current source record)

                  If no append data to target table (from current source record)

At the output you should have number_of_days_in_month internal table, each record holding day collected values.

Important note!

Pay attention to key fields whe using collect stamtement