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Subscreen Activation on Material Master

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The "Environment" subscreen on the Basic Data 2 view of the material master is not displaying even though the subscreen is defined in config (trans OMT3B). I realize there are other factors that make a subscreen appear, for example when you go to a plant view but don't put in the plant not all the subscreens will display. I tried debugging to figure out what I need to do to get the Environment subscreen to display with no success. Does anybody know what how to get that subscreen to display?


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Screen seq also depends on material type, Get screen seq assigned to material type in trans OMT3E, and check environment subscreen turned on for the screen seqence in OMT3B.



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I wish that was it - but that has already been taken into account.

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Hi Mike,

Have you looked maintain user settings (OMT3U)?

Perhaps your setting is not pointed to the new screen sequence and screen number.


Ferry Lianto

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Everything appears to be set up correctly in the OMT3x transactions.