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Strange Problem with Forms (Smart Forms)

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I have lately been experiencing a strange problem with standard forms in the system. We have WebAS640 / ECC5.0 System. Soon after the initial run of patches, most forms in the system are showing the character '#' in place of formatted texts.

I have searched the internet and most forums, but have not found a solution. Since this is the standard forms that i am talking about (unmodified and untouched) so i assumed this had something to do with our patch levels. However that is only an assumption.

In particular i am having problem with the billing invoice type RD00, form name: LB_BIL_INVOICE. I have traced the problem to this much. The form shows the expected text, where no character format is applied to it. And where ever there is some character format, it just shows a string of hashes ('#'). The style being used by this form is LO_STYLE.

I am also listing my patch levels in case that helps.

SAP_BASIS 640 0014

SAP_ABA 640 0014

ST-PI 003C_640 0001

PI_BASIS 2004_1_640 0006

SAP_BW 350 0012

SAP_HR 500 0005

SAP_APPL 500 0006

PI 2004_1_500 0004

EA-IPPE 300 0004

EA-RETAIL 500 0005

EA-PS 500 0005

EA-HR 500 0005

EA-GLTRADE 500 0005

EA-FINSERV 500 0005

EA-DFPS 500 0005

EA-APPL 500 0005

Hope somebody can help in regard


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We too had this problem and we got rid of it by applying a couple of OSS notes! Take a look at note: <b>890408</b> & <b>734790</b>


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Hi Ashan!

Interesting problem. You are seeing replacement characters, because assigned font(size) is not installed (somewhere, SAP or printer).

But since this is completely standard, open an OSS-request - maybe it's not as fast as SDN, but I'm sure you will get a qualified answer (and solution).



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We too had this problem and we got rid of it by applying a couple of OSS notes! Take a look at note: <b>890408</b> & <b>734790</b>