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Step Loop in Dialogue Programming.

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we have a requrement like when i select a particular record from the screen in a group of records...

that particular record should be carried to the next screen. how to achieve this..,

I tried using sy-curow or get cursor ..line.. and read the internal table which is used to display the group of records,

it works fine for the first set of display... but the actual problem comes when the user scrolls down and places the cursor there it will read that particular position of step loop.. not the actual line number of the internal table..

any help in this regard is very helpful.


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To get the current selected line. you have to do it like

Please correct if the forumula is wrong.

get cursor line lv_line.
if tbcl-top_line ne 1.
selected_line = ( lv_line + tbcl-top_line ) - 1.
selected_line = lv_line.

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Hi Keshav,

thanks for the reply..

But what is the value TBCL-TOP_LINE will contain..??

from where can i get the value..??

if you are refering to table control... then will make clear that i am using step loop concept.

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tbcl( table control ) - topline( table control property ) You can use it directly. In debugger double click on the tablecontrol name, you will find it. Just code this in PAI

I guess step loops are obsolete now