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Starting a job with 2 conditions (User Event and end of job)

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Hello ,

I'd like to make a process SAP which start a job depending

on 2 conditions :

Condition 1 : raise an event


Condition 2 : end of another job

I know that it 's possible for each conditions but is it possible for both conditions ?

Thank you


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Hi Jean,

U have the answer for urself.Through eventing u can achieve this.

Types of eventing and the order in which one completes and the next starts exe is :



Selection-screen with fields

Start of selection (u give ur query here)

End of selection. (u do ur looping here)

Top of page

End of page

Hope this helps u,



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Thanks for the answer, do you think that we can do this

operation during the job process creating.


I have 2 jobs,

Job 1, which launch programm1 .

( If the spool of progam 1 is correct, program1 generate

an user event,

If the spool of programm1 is uncorrect, program1 don't generate the event)

Job 2 : I would like that this job start only if the user event is raised and job 1 is terminated.

Is-it possible without Abap Programm ?


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Hi Jean,

CAn u be more precise on what u have to do?u want this to be evented or non ABAP type.



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hi again,

Ok, i'm sorry, my english is not yet fluent.

I'm searching a solution for an SAP administrator.

Here is his problem :

He must launch an Abap program with a job1.

The abap programm :

1>generates a spool in which you can find status code like OK or NOK and

2>raises an event (EVT_CONTINUE) only if the spool contains OK code.

Afterwards, The administrator wants to launch job2 if

2 conditions are OK :

Condition 1 : EVT_CONTINUE is raised

Condition 2 : job 1 is terminated

My question is : is-it possible with a transaction like sm36 or another to do that. (my objective is to avoid

writing an abap program)


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U can give normally the codes inside ur events in the reports itself.This should be the either way.But here too u have to write ABAP codes.

Hope this helps,



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i think, you need only condition 1 (event raised),

because condition 2 is dependent on cond. 1.

and vice versa.

so if condition 1 is true, job 1 has terminated successful so that condition 2 is true too.

regards Andreas

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You Can very Well do that...


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it's my question but i dont't know how to do it.

With the job scheduler it's possible to start a job depending on an event or depending on the end of a job but not both.

If you have the answer,

thank you