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Standard BAPI Function to Retrieve Domain Values?

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Is there a standard BAPI function that I can call to retrieve fixed values of a domain? For example, our application uses the .NET Connector XBP interface and I can see in the documentation that the "BAPIXMRECIP" structure that has a "REC_TYPE" where the API document says the following are valid values:

B – SAP user name
O – SAPoffice user
P – personal distribution list
C – shared distribution list
F – fax number
U – internet mail

Is there a BAPI function I can call to retrieve those values? This would allow me to get those values and then populate them in a drop down control in our application when calling SAP. I know I can see them from SE11 and looking at the "Value Range" tab but I want to retrieve them programmatically. 





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Hello @phil_s 

You can use read domains fixed values with either DD_DOMVALUES_GET or DDUT_DOMVALUES_GET functions. The former is more offical.

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski

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Hi Dominik,

Thank you for that suggestion. Do you know if those are available in all instances of S3 & S4/HANA?



To my knowledge, they are.

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BAPI is not mandatory, you just need any RFC-enabled function module (DD_DOMVALUES_GET and DDUT_DOMVALUES_GET are not RFC-enabled in my 7.40 system), so it has been already answered, you can find it by searching from your Web search engine:

"rfc" "domain" "values"

EDIT: I see other people continue searching, so what you can find:





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Product and Topic Expert

I think what you are looking for are the F4-Help Values. There are remote-enabled BAPIs, which can be used here:


Though I am not sure, whether they work for any kind of structure/input fields, or only for BAPI input fields.

Edit: another idea is to use DDIF_DOMA_GET. This function module is not remote enabled, so you would have to create a wrapper (like Z_DDIF_DOMA_GET) and remote-enable it, but it returns exactly the values you need: the "Value Range" of the domain SO_ESCAPE.


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Found RPY_DOMAIN_READ which is RFC enabled and return domain values, can you try?

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That's what I thought too, but alas ☹️, it seems that the recipient structure is not defined as a parameter of any method of the XBPJOB business object (checked with SWO1 transaction) even though it exists in the BAPI FMs signature.