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SQVI to Z program

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I was able to create a z program by the program name generated by SQVI, I was able to copy the code from AQA0SYSTQV000034********====== to a Z program and also assigned a transactio to id. It works fine and is excellent. Now when I am trying to copy the program to another box, the code is not running and some of the includes and fields are erroring out. When I scan through the code, I see that most of the code is runtime generated and is not working in the new client. Dear friends has anybody faced this issue; how do i get this working in another client. I dont want to ask the business user to create the Quickview again in the new client. He is very busy with his own things. Also I doubt, if the code is transportable from the development client to Testing and Prd; the code might not work there again. What would be the best way to work with this code, so that it is easily copied or transported from one client to another.

Thanks for your help in advance.



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ABAP Query(SQVI) is client specific and is not perfectly transportable.

it has to be redesigned in the other system again.

generally it is a tool used by fun consultants

see the doc

Step-by-step guide for creating ABAP query

ABAP query is mostly used by functional consultants.

SAP Query


The SAP Query application is used to create lists not already contained in the SAP standard system. It has been designed for users with little or no knowledge of the SAP programming language ABAP. SAP Query offers users a broad range of ways to define reporting programs and create different types of reports such as basic lists, statistics, and ranked lists.


SAP Query's range of functions corresponds to the classical reporting functions available in the system. Requirements in this area such as list, statistic, or ranked list creation can be met using queries.

All the data required by users for their lists can be selected from any SAP table created by the customer.

To define a report, you first have to enter individual texts, such as titles, and select the fields and options which determine the report layout. Then you can edit list display in WYSIWYG mode whenever you want using drag and drop and the other toolbox functions available.

ABAP Query, as far as I Believe, is the use of select statements in the ABAP Programming. This needs a knowledge of Open SQL commands like Select,UPdtae, Modify etc. This has to be done only by someone who has a little bit of ABAP experience.

To sum up, SAP queries are readymade programs given by SAP, which the user can use making slight modification like the slection texts, the tables from which the data is to be retrieved and the format in which the data is to be displayed.ABAP queries become imperative when there is no such SAP query existing and also when there is a lot of customizing involved to use a SAP Query directly

use either SQ02 ans SQ01

or SQVI tr code

for more information please go thru this url:

Please check this PDF document (starting page 352) perhaps it will help u.

check the below link will be helpful for u

once you create query system generates a report starting with AQZZ/SAPQUERY/ABAGENCY2======= assing this report to tr code for the same



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Hello Anji,

I know most of the information that you mentioned. Thankyou for taking the time to write though. My question is how could I use the ABAP code generated in background; without having to do the coding again. My job is to create a report that replicates the functionality of the SQVI quickview, I found an easy way of doing it by copying the generated code into a Z program. Now, how can i use this code, without having to rewrite code from scratch, and be able to copy or transport it to another client.


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Converted the SQVI view to a query using SQ03, was able to extract the ABAP code from that assign it to a transaction code. Also managed to download the query and upload it into another client.

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Hello Neha,

I do have a same requirement. can you explain the steps which converts your Quick Viewer report to Querry and transported to other system.