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I have never done anything related to spooling. So, I have some very basic questions about it.

I have some documents that I process in a program. After the processing is over, I display the documents in the form of an ALV report. Now, I need to create a spool so that the data in the ALV can be accessed at a future date.

As you might have gussed from my question, I have little idea bout spooling. Please provide me detailed description on the apporach to this problem.




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Hi ,

In the ALV there is an option to print the ALV list directly...without displaying , for this u have to set the parameter IS_PRINT.

IS_PRINT-print = 'X'.

When u do this, the Print screen list.. . here u select new spool request....

Hope this will help U..



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Hi Santosh,

Thanks for your response. I tried what you had recommended. What is happening now is that the report is not getting displayed. Instead, I get an output asking for the output device. So, a spooling request is being created.

What I want to do is the following: -

I want the report to be displayed on the screen and at the same time I want a spooling request to be generated for it as well (not the output request). and I want all this to happen programatically. So, that the user can see the ALV report on the screen and also view it at a later stage from the output controller.

Please let me know if this is feasible. Also, let me know the detailed steps for this.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Divyaman,

Create a background job for that ALV report and schedule it when u want it to get executed. Automatically you will get a spool output from where you can check the output.


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Execute a report using the Execute and print function

Switch on printing in a report using the ABAP statement NEW-PAGE PRINT ON.

Call a report using the statement SUBMIT rep TO SAP-SPOOL

Schedule a report as a background job using the statement SUBMIT rep USER user VIA JOB job NUMBER n TO SAP-SPOOL. When the report runs, the system writes the output to the spool system.

Schedule a report as a background job using the function module JOB_SUBMIT. When the report runs, the sytsem writes the output to the spool system.