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Split in Smartforrm

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I have to create Smart form like as below

[ 1]

Header info                        XXXXX                                    SSS



Dates of Service



hours Rate

Subtotal[ 4] [K5]

Item Desc

item no

[ 6]     Order: 0002648865-100

         PO:  201202201592049RM  [ 7] [K8]


02/01/15 – 2/28/15




$ xxx,560.00[ 9]

Discount Adjustment:                         

-$xxx,x160.00[ 10]

Sold by: president

Start Date: 01/06/15

End Date: [K11]


It is the Discount & Adjustment section that is the issue.

I have one table where i have 3 rows and various columns.

How can i split the 4 col ( Qty, Unit, Rate & subtotal) so i can have discount adjustment column.

Please advice.


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I don't quite understand your question..., but I'd attempt to output that layout using 6 row types:

1) "Header info"

2) "Column header" (including the 3rd horizontal line)

3) "normal" Items

4) "Item+Discount & Adjustment" 1 - drawing also the "partial" horizontal line under Q, U, Rate, Subtotal columns;

5) "Item+Discount & Adjustment" 2 - to output further lines in that section

6) "Sold by" footer

One can not split/merge columns in Smartforms dynamically at runtime; every row type must be specified at design time. At runtime one can only control, which row type to output using row conditions and the like. It's also entirely possible that more than one Smartform table row can be output for each line in data table, or that no row is output for certain line of data...



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Loop + Template may help you, instead of a table.



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I doubt you'll get the exactly same look with the Smartforms. As Janis pointed out, it'd take several different line types, but you can't put the continuous text in the first column and have it flow over multiple line types. So you'll end up with all the long text (column 1) in one cell, then all other columns with some blank space (for as much as the text in column 1 goes) underneath. Then your 'discount' line will be printed with blanks in all other columns.

Can't confirm right now, but I feel template would be subject to the same limitation. Plus they're static, so it's not a replacement for a table anyway.

Not sure though why discount absolutely has to be printed in such way. We print all discounts (when needed) just as a separate line. From what I see, local cable company and our town government do the same with their bills. For me, as a customer, having such odd layout would have no value, personally.