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Special authorization need for read cluster table??

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In one report, I use following coding to read information from RFDT table:

form get_f110_parm .

f110id-laufd = p_laufd.

f110id-laufi = p_laufi.

f110versionpar = space.

clear: buktab, fkttab, slktab, sldtab, trctab, usrtab,

faetab, jobtab, f110v, f110c, trcopt, f110versionpar.

import buktab fkttab slktab sldtab trctab usrtab

faetab jobtab f110c trcopt f110versionpar

from database rfdt(fb) id f110id

accepting padding.

endform. " GET_F110_PARM

I can fill F110c, trcopt and f110versionpar by this program. But there is no entry in table like fkttab, usrtab.

Is there any authorization need for read cluster table??

Thanks in advance.

Edited by: Amy Xie on Dec 21, 2010 10:41 AM


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After you run your code, check transaction SU53 to see if any authorization check failed.

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Hi, Thank you for your reply.

It's OK with SU53.