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While doing SAP SPAU process we are facing the issue :

There are conflicts with the following screen elements: Customer modification contains screen element as new element that has been added to the former original screen. The new original screen contains an element with the same name, however. The customer modification screen element must be renamed Please adjust program accordingly..

Error Screen is attached. How to handle this issue.


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Do exactly what it tells you. Rename the customer screen element.

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abaplearner Or maybe that the "customer" code was in fact standard code from a note, which was applied manually, hence the confusion, so maybe you should revert back to standard (there must be an option in a previous screen). After in-depth analysis of course.

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Thanks for Information. Please let me know how to rectify it. Not able to under stand exactly the steps to resolve.

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abaplearner The ABAP code should be versioned, you may compare the customer modification (the one before upgrade) versus new standard (proposed by upgrade). There are options in SPAU to compare, or you may also directly look at each object (SE80), there are two versions for each object (menu Utilities > Versions). If what was "changed" in your customer modification seems to be integrated in the standard, it means that it was a note applied manually, so you should keep the standard. It needs an analysis by an experienced ABAP developer to avoid errors. Search the forum for more information.