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Sorting the Internal table by 3 fields.

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On the Selection screen i have 3 parameter fields of 1 character. And i need to sort the final output table with these 3 fields. The scenario will be like...the user will be putting the 1 to 3 numbers in these fields randomly.  For e.g, if the user puts the entry for field 1 as 1, for field 2 as 2, and for field 3 as 3 in the three fields on selection screen, then i need to sort the output table in the order as: Sort ITAB by 1 2 3.

So now i want to know if the the user puts the values randomly on the selection to capture the values from the selection screen and sort the internal table.

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I guess you can use the table addition with your sort statement:

DATA: otab  TYPE abap_sortorder_tab,

            oline TYPE abap_sortorder.

oline-name = p1.

APPEND oline TO otab.

oline-name = p2.

APPEND oline TO otab.

oline-name = p3.

APPEND oline TO otab.

    SORT itab BY (otab).
  CATCH cx_sy_dyn_table_ill_comp_val.
    MESSAGE 'Wrong column name!' TYPE 'I' DISPLAY LIKE 'E'.

But I would have used a select-option field instead to hold the fields name...

Or maybe I did not understood properly your request?



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You can use the following:

SORT itab by (otab).

otab will have the selection screen fields according to user specification.Find the order in the program and populate otab accordingly.

Hope this helps.



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It seems you have not seen the F1 help for SORT statement. Check SORT itab. You shall get a very good example given by SAP on how to sort an internal table using BY OTAB.