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SmartForms Multiple Columns

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I am trying to convert a sapscript form which allows two columns similar to newspaper columns. When the first column fills up, the second column is used until it is full and a page break occurs. Any ideas on how to do this in SmartForms would be appreciated.


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Hi Buster,

I know it can be achieved in Sapscripts via defining multipe main windows on sape page and when first use to call second main window and so on. I have used this kind of Sapscript in Sticker printing for our inventory department.

In Smartforms you cannot have multiple Main windows per page, so above solution is not feasible.

But here is what i suggest.

Create a main Window for the first column of the page and crate a Secondary Window for second column and set its condition to "Only after end of Main window". So when data is full in Main window it will call secondary window and start printing it from top of secondary window.

Hope it helps.


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Hi Jeet, thanks for your help. The secondary window is the answer but I am trying to use a loop. What happens is the second column is used correctly but at the column break, the first line of the second column is repeated on the next page as the first line of the first column. I am going to submit a OSS note on this.