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SMARTFORMS - language translation (urgent)

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I developed a smartform in English language. Now I want to translate this form into Finnish language. So, I went to SE63->Translation->R/3->Other long texts->Forms and styles->SSF. Provided the form name, source and target languages clicked the Edit button. In the edit screen, I inserted the translated hardcoded text in the target form. Then clicked save and activate. It says saved and activated.

My question is, how to checked the tranlated form now?

Anyone please let me know the proceedure. I will appreciate the help with points. Thanks


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Just login in Finnish language and test it.

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I did that but the form is still displayed in English.

After save and activate in the edit screen of SE63, do I need to do something else. Please let me know.

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Which version are you working in?

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ECC 5.0

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For example is source form I have

/E &Email_address&

  • Contact Information

  • Email address

So in the target form after

/E &Email_address&

I hit 2 enters and then add following in those two lines

  • (Finnish equal 'Contact Informaiton')

  • (Finnish equal 'Email address')

and then click the save & activate button from toolbar.

Logged into system in FI languageg and see that the form is still in English. Please help me with this.


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Can anyone please put there ideas. I am really stuck at this position. Will appreciate the responses with points.


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Please note that there is no need to create a smartform in multiple languages as we are doing in SAP scripts.

You can Copy the smarttform by setting a flag in smartforms :

Use T/code : SMARTFORMS --> enter Samrtform name --> Form Attributes --> General Attributes > Language attributes> Language--> Translate to selected langauges/all langauges.

For Translations :

Please use T/code SE63> Translation(Menubar) > R/3 Enterprise>Other long texts> SSF (Smartforms)>Enter Samrtformname-> Define source language and target langauge.


se63 -> translation -> R/3 Enterprise -> other Longtexts -> Smartforms -> select your form

-> translate

Hope this will help you.

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I already did the steps you mentioned. I finished working in SE63. But I need information on how to check the translated form.

Please someone help me out. <b>How to look for the translated form after working with SE63.</b>

Will assure <b>FULL</b> points for a response. Thanks.

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There are couple of steps you need to do.

a) First you should have translational CR for working in SE63

b) After translation is complete then activate the form

c) login in to SAP with the translated language

d) If the form is viewed OK then only the Translational CR gets transported and the form remains out there

Hope this Helps


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Hi raju,

Please try this by hard coding into the code to be able to test the form in different language.

1. Declare a local variable

DATA: wa_ctrl_param TYPE ssfctrlop.

2. then move the the corresponding language of the form you declared

MOVE <language> TO wa_ctrl_param-langu.

3. then in the FM calling the smartform

CALL FUNCTION <formname>


archive_index = wa_toa_dara

archive_index_tab = wa_tsfdara

archive_parameters = wa_arc_params

==> control_parameters = wa_ctrl_param

pass the populated variable into the FM calling the smartform.

Please try this and tell me if it works.