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smartforms label rotation

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I would need to print a label with a 90 degree rotation with ZEBRA ZDESIGNER GK420d.

Output device LOCL2 with device type LZEB2.

I entered the command S_LZPL_SETUP = '^ FWR' but only the text is rotated. Logo and template are not rotated.

Is there a way to rotate the entire print-label?

Thank you.


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Please refer to SAP Note - 750772. It has instructions on how to rotate the whole label into landscape format.

If everything is appearing as expected but only the logo is not rotated, then you can rotate the logo to 90 degree and upload it as a .bmp image.



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Ok for logo but the problem is the template not rotate...



If you have to rotate the entire label then please refer to the above note.


If you have to display some fields in normal & some as rotated then the below logic would be helpful,

  1. Create two custom print controls, one as 'ZROT' for rotating the text to 90 degrees and another as 'ZNORM' for bringing the printer head to normal position
  2. Custom print controls must be assigned to Device type
  3. Let's assume we have to display 'Name' as NORMAL then 'Material Description' as ROTATED and 'Address' as NORMAL.
  4. Create a smartform with 3 windows
  5. Create a command node in first window (Name); Assign 'ZNORM' to Include printer control in General Attributes tab
  6. Create a command node in second window(Mat Desc); Assign 'ZROT' to Include printer control in General Attributes tab. This takes care of rotating the text.
  7. Add a command node in third window(Address), assign 'ZNORM' to Include printer control in General Attributes tab. This syntax brings back the printer head to normal position thus prints text normally .
  8. There is no need to add command '^FWR'

Hope this helps!


The template will not rotate.

As explained in the OSS Note, you have to design the template taking in mind it will be filled with shifted/rotated fields.