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SMARTFORMS gurus: I can't see zeroes in my report !!!

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Please respond me ASAP. I can't see zeroes in my field numbers in a report. In this case is necessary to see the zeroes when they appears.

<b>I've proved with every solution without success</b> (Formating Options, one by one; SMARTSTYLES, etc).

Actually, when the variables get zero, they dissapears (blank).

Please help me !!!!, and thank you in advance.


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Usually the question is How to remove the '0' ?

I suggest you to try to move your field in a numc or char format, before outputting it.

You have to check that the field is well justified, so the beginning or the end of the field can be display in the area ( the area must be wide enough ).


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Thank you Mr. Erwan by repond me. I'll try with your solution and I will write you again with the final situation.

<b>Thank you again !</b>

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<b>Mr. Erwan:</b>

I made the adjustments that you told me but the zeros couldn't show. When the variable gets a number greater than zero its appears (for example: 1), when it is zero, does not. The width of the field is correct (enough). Everything is working properly in my report but I can't resolve this issue.

Do you have any idea ?.


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I have this happen in reports where the dict def. supresses the zeros. Below is code I use. Hope this helps.

DATA: lv_all_zeroes(18) TYPE c VALUE '000000000000000000',

lv_len TYPE i,

lv_fieldsize TYPE i,

lv_material LIKE mara-matnr.

  • put the zeroes back in front of the material

lv_material = mara-matnr.

lv_len = strlen( lv_material ).

lv_fieldsize = 18 - lv_len.

SHIFT lv_material

RIGHT BY lv_fieldsize PLACES.

OVERLAY lv_material

WITH lv_all_zeroes ONLY space.

mara-matnr = lv_material.

This has worked for me in the past.