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Smartform -Zero issue

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In my smartform I have set condition as to when a material group 100 is there it should show blank under the qty and unit price coulmn ,. The problem is that when i run the form it shows me 0.00 value and not blank in it. I found out if I chnage the formt of the character from number to character i.e&filed(CI)& it will help me out. Now my problem is in teh existing form I have a field &GS_UNIT_PRICE(<C)& which I wnat to change it to &GS_UNIT_PRICE(<CI)& ., but I dont know how to change it . This will solve my problem . Can anyone please help me out with this please.



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You need not change that variable.

What you can do is define a new variable of type char inside the smartform.

Just before you print, in the routine, assign the value of your existing field to the new character field.

Then you need to modify the rules to not display this field if the value is 0.

I have done this few times and it worked for me.


Sushil Joshi

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