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Smartform with landscape and portrait mode along with include text and tables.

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Hello all,

Please help to achieve my requirement.

My requirement is, my smart form should print first page as portrait and second page as landscape where first page has include text where it can have more than two pages of data, where second page has table type it has to print item data in main window.


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And what is the question? Or the problem?

If you have troubles creating a smartform, there are plenty of tutorials to be found on the web that explain how to create one step-by-step.

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Hello Patrick,

Problem to print include text i need mainwindow in first page and to print item data i have a table it also needs a mainwindow in second page but it should wider than first page main window. but when i execute it with different  main window sizes it is leading to dump.

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Why does the second page have to be a main window? Can't you make it a secondary window, and 'force' the form to print the second page after your first page is printed completely?

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second page should have table to print item data how to print item data in table data other than main window?

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Hi Hari,

Use the same main window for both first and second page. Check any standard smartforms. You could understand how to use multiple table and texts in a single main window.

Make use of header and footer.

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Hi Hari,

We cant Include the Table in the Secondary Window,only template we can include in the secondary window.

Create another page and Copy the First page content to the Second page which you want..and there in the Page you specify the Mode as landscape.

In the first page mention the condition after first page goto Second page.

Thanks & Regards