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(Smartform)check box display in a table....very urgent

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i inserted check box by going to <b>sap symbols and inserted check box</b> but i am unable to see print preview and also in the printout.

Can any one tell me how to insert check box in a <u><b>table.</b></u>

your help will be appreciated.<b></b>


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Hello......please reply someone to this question...

it's very urgent

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Hi hari,

you can do one thing is create a new window of the size of checkbox required by you and place it at the appropriate position

This may solve your problem.

or use the windows left square bracket [ and right suqre bracket for putting a check box.



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As discussed earlier in many posts, it is better you load a graphic for Check box ( Checked and Empty ) is Tx SE78. You can create .bmp files for the same in MS paint.

In a table node in the SSF, every line in the table will be accessed once in a loop. So you create an alternative node to check the condition when your Check box is to be checked or empty ( may be based on some field data in the work area). Then you call the necessary graphic ( Checked check box or a empty check box ). A Graphic node is to be created under the alternative node. Do remember to place the graphic in appropriate Line and Cell in your table by giving proper output options.

Hope this helps you.

Best Regards, Murugesh AS