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Smart form - price values alignment

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In my smartform

I have declared some constant price values and when I am printing the form the values are not aligning to right.

I mentioned the format paragraph right align - its aligning the complete line to right not the price value.

can any one tell me how to solve this issue.


C_value1 type BETRG value '500.00',

C_value2 type BETRG value '3000.00',

I want to show the values in the output

Price for the Material - $ 3000.00

Price for the Material - $ 500.00

2. How to pass blank space through the paramter to the form?

c_space type c value space .

c_space type c value ' '.

I tried both but its not working.

Thanks a lot for your time.


Smart form - price values alignment


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Since you declared that field of type BETRG , it is always alligned like that.

declare another char field of length 15 and move this field to this char field and see.

it will allign as per your requirement.

For space

declare the parameter as type c.

data: c_space type c.

then use that field c_space in the form.

since it is a single char field by default space will be assigned.



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sorry I want to show the out put - all the price values should be right aligned..






I also tried moving that value to char ..but its not working .. and even c_space also not working.