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smart form...order confirmation

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altough am passing internal table which is populated by values from print program of the component is kwmeng from vbap table......and i have passed this interal table in smartform.....all of the other components of internal table are getting populated in main window if i dont keep kwmeng as field in text element...if i keep this field in one of the text element than error is raised that &wa_zmit-kwmeng& (ie kwmeng) does not exist in form.....

What could be solution so that this field also gets populated in main window....

....................moreover what has to be done if we want to convert smartform to other llang.......text can changed trough so10.....and we have option called "change lang:" in attributes of this can we change lang directly........


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is that field is available in the structure of ddic which u need to pass to smartform for the internal table?

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yes...present in ddic

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internal gets populated in print program struct is present (well defined in ddic)

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hi experts...i have urgent req.....

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is it a currency field

if yes

then declare a variable in global definitin of type c with lenght 15

after that

in ur main window

choose program lines and then


variable = wa-kmwart (ur currency field of itab)

now in the text node

show this variable not the wa-kmwart

hope it wil help u

if not then plz specify the full messge

reward if useful

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do the same for qty field

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yes this could be the solution ...but why not directly..creating extra varialbe and loop may effect performance......this can de done directl also ..there is some small error somewhere i suppose,,,,exact error message is refrence field wa_zmit-kwmeng unknown in the form

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and more one more point if u could ans displaying all data that is static in secondary windows...means i have created several secondary windows on page and displaying static data ..lenght of which is i use some 8 secondary windows instead of splitting main page ....but like if standard text which am getting from so10 if we change lang form english to like spain then that text lenght can be increased so again it can exceed lenght of secondary wwhat could be done in this case

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i dont know any thing abt so10

but u can display two smartforms in different languages by the following logic

create two pages of smartform

one for english

and other for german or wat ever

then in the condtion field u can put some conditons

or u can create two smartforms

and then can call the specific one

i hav no knowlege for so10 so cant help u more

hope somebody might ans u


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did u face the same problem before......

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well buddy .....ur currency and qty solution worked...thanks for that...

just tell me if am going in right direction that am using secondary windows for static data...rather than splitiing page ..or do we have any other option to display static data apart from seconday windows......oder to part data and shippiment data(which is sstatic)