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Smart form footer issue

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Dear All,

I have a issue with smartform please help me, i have serched before posting this thread.

I have created a smartforms which have only 1 main window, the problem causing is footer data, i have created table lines for my footer and header and item, the footer data there is a inculde text displaying for Quotation if the text excludes the main window it is overflowing 1 line if i enterd 1 more line extra it is going to next page i don't know why, if text ending in only last line is overflowing.

If i put this in a folder and apply page break option everything going into next page.

Please see the picture

Please advice.



Former Member
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Hi Kumar,

Please confirm if your requirement is that the remaining lines of the footer displayed in the next page or you want everything in one page.



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Hi JanakiRam,

Thanks for your reply yes i want to display remaining footer in next page. please advice me.

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Hi Kumar,

Please try to include the footer along with item lines not as a separate node and have a condition such a way that it gets displayed after the line items are finished.

This will serve the purpose of starting the footer just after the line items end and this can extend in to the next pages as well.

Let me know if this answers your requirement.

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Check if you have left some space.


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Hi Srikanth,

I have checked that there is no space, the thing is that if it exceeds 1 line to main window it is overflowing if it exceeds more than 1 line it is printing in next page that 2 lines. Even i tried increase the main window the problem is same. Please advice me thanks,

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You are trying to print the footer text in the main window. Because of this reason this its going to another page.

Instead of having the footer in the table , you could have a separate window in the page and inside that window you can display the footer text.

This is the best practice to display the footer text.

Thanks & Regards,


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Hi Sumodh,

The reason i am using like that is i want to display the footer immediate completion of line items, if i use separate window it displays the window place not to the end of line items and they may enter 10 pages of footer text, so if i created separate window it will start in end part only.

Please advice me in this case thanks,