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SM30 - Maintain more records

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   I have generated a table maintenance for a Z table. At SM30 when I create New Entries I am able to update only 21 records at a single time though I copied 500 records from my excel file. Is there any way I can update all my records in my excel file at a single time instead of updating 21, 21, 21...?

Min 1000 records to update is my target. And User wants to do it all from SM30 screen.

Please let know the possible workaround.






This is not possible via SM30/SM31.

You should create/use a specific program for it or use the transaction SE16N.

Transaction LSMW is also a solution.

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Create a Z program to upload from excel and update the data to Ztable.


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Create a simple BDC program. Records the steps you will be using while entering the data in Table through table maintenance and write a program.

Use it upload data at a time.Other way is to write a simple program to to directly update the table.

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Not easily done and not advisable on SM30, that would require some modification to generated report that an not be implemented in the events provided, so can and will be erased during next maintenance of the object or the dialog.

As suggested build a report that upload data and use dialog maintenance FM  VIEW_MAINTENANCE_SINGLE_ENTRY to insert records with same check as maintenance dialog.



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The same can be done through below mention :-

1.  via LSMW or BDC.

2. Via direct insert through program code

3. If you want to directly as you have mention cut, copy, and paste all entries in one go ( Not recommended ) you can do via SE16N. ( Procedure activate debugger, Change the value of GD-EDIT and GD-SAPEDIT to 'X'. and then execute you can see no entries in the table. Click on new line and paste all the value in one go  )


Rahul Singh