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SM30 Events - internal table Extract with strange values - Unicode

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Hello All,

We recently migrated our ECC6 system to unicode. After that we are facing an issue when updating a custom table through transaction SM30

We have implemented event 01 - Before saving the data in the database. I'm only trying to update fields uname, time and timlo.

The problem is that when cheking values in internal tables EXTRACT AND TOTAL, I get strange values.

Like this

Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?

Kind regards!

Thanks in advance!!



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Wich type is the field that are getting the strange characters?

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Thanks for oyur quick reply.

Internal tables total and Extract are character type. Field getting the strange characters is CURR 13 DEC 2 in the database table (Data element J_1BEXBASE)


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Using field symbols <VIM_TOTAL_STRUC> and <VIM_EXTRACT_STRUC> resolved the issue.

thanks anyway!


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What are the odds of this? I had exactly the same problem and am in the process of writing a blog with how I solved it.

Is you TMG based on a transparent table? If so, try createing a maintenance view and create a new TMG based on the view. You will be able to copy most of the code from the old to the new event.