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simple ER diagram

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Hi guys!

... one question! Is there in SAP any solution for viewing simple ER diagrams? you know... graphical view of few database tables and relations between them?

I know that there is some data modeler (SD11) but i don't know is that correct tool.

Thanks in advance!



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Erwin models is nothing but a set of diagrams showin the relationship between various entities in your data model.

For example, if you wish to have a model with profit centre and company code, the Erwon diagram will show multiple arrows pointing towards profit centre and one arrrow to company code. Theses arrows indicate the relationship is many to one.

Keep draging and droping the objects in Erwin and you will get it. Very similar to visio.

ERM is the base for data target (infocube) design, where it shows the relationship between main/KEY charatersitcs. there could be M:1, M:N, 1:M relationships. based on this we can consider the dimensions and attributes.

for some examples you can use the metadata repository for any of the infocube to dsiplay star schema which may give some hint for ERM developement.


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So there is no built in SAP tool for this?