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hi all,

now some employees working for create forms & this employees he shutdown pc & don't save any data

we can retrive this data or no

thanks for any help,



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hi Hamedelnil,

usually you do not need any COMMIT WORK in your program, because at the end of the program run, a commit work is issued automatically and all data are stored in the database.

If the program ends with an error (message type E, A, X), the data are rolled baxk and nothing is stored.

But note: Any interruption of the program flow (also and especially online acreen input) will do a commit work too.

And there are exceptions: Any PERFORM ... ON COMMIT will need an explicit COMMIT WORK. The auto commit work will not trigger PERFORM ON COMMIT. Thats why you have to do a COMMIT WORK explicitly after calling any updating BAPI modules.

hope it helps..,