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Hi All,

I am copying standard program : RM06EN00 (ME2N t.code) to custom program : Z_RM06EN00.

I have copied all the enhancement codes manually to the copied program,

But the program is terminated with a short dump LOAD_COMMON_PART error.

If anybody comes across same kind of dump, could please share your thoughts to resolve it.




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Why are you copying the program -

a) There should be no need - there are enough 'user exits' available (I use the term user exits loosely)

b) It's bad practice

And as you see - there is common memory shared between this and other programs.

What are you trying to achieve ?  Also provide your SAP version.


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Hi Rich,

I need to create a new transaction code with addition of the field of delivery date in the o/p.

Version is SAP ECC 6 enhancement pack 7,

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Hi Greeshna,

When you say the O/P  I take it you mean the sapscript).

In that case there is no need to modify the standard program.  Modify the form and in the text element that outputs the data where you want the delivery date to appear,  enter a perform statement (Note that Sapscript commands do not have full stops) that returns the delivery date from a routine in a zprogram.

In the ZProgram define a perform that accepts tables with a structure of ITCSY for input and output.  These tables pass the parameters as a Name/Value pair from the Sapscript.

In your routine get the delivery date from the PO item or schedule lines or wherever and put it in the relevant entry in the output table and then use that symbol in the sapscript form.

The program can also check the transaction code as well to see if it needs to get the delivery date or send back a blank.

Easy,  and no modifications of the standard program.



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Every common data area must be given a unique name using the name addition. You can only omit the name addition if there is just one common data area in a program.

In all programs of a program group that access the data of a common data area, this area must be declared with the same name and exactly the same structure, otherwise there is no guarantee that it will work correctly and non-handleable exceptions can be raised.

--->Pls make sure you have not modified this common area (bcz it might be used in some other programs). If you need to do modification, specify some different name for this common area and use this in your custom report.