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Setting User Activity Monitoring in Portal

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We were able to find the details around user monitoring under the following directory path in Visual Admin Tool

services/security provider/user management.

This gives the following information/ user

1. Succesfull logons

2. Unsuccesfull logons

among others

However, we want somedirections for setting the following.

1. Setting the Time Period for the above reports.Example today, this week, last week.

2. How to Download the same information for all users on a particular day

Also, is there some common log containing the tolal number of logon attempts(successful and unsuccessful) / per day.

we also tried to look for the service specified in the link below but couldn't locate it on the portal content directory




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Hi Hussain,

did you have a look at the log viewer inside visual admin ? By selecting the file 'security.log' as the target you can create filters that should match your needs and be able to get the info you want. For more information on the logviewer, please have a look at

and at for more information on featerus regarding filtering of log messages.

Just filter for category /System/Security/Audit and

for the strings LOGIN and LOGOFF.

If you have a NW2004s system, you may also want to have a look at the SAP NetWeaver Administrator (http://your host:your port/nwa) where you can find a web version of the logviewer. You can create custimzed views there providing your preferences. These views may also be stored for future reuse. There is also an export function available.

Last but not least, it is possible to integrate the logging of the SAP NetWeaver Portal into an other log filtering solution. You just have to configure the solution to watch certain files. According you description, maybe the security.log file could already be enough.

Kind regards,