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Set Update Task Local - Program execution is slow

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I have apab program which use Set Update Task Local before Call my Function (  BAPI_PRODORDCONF_CREATE_TE)

in loop  ,This program use with Several Users ,Now sometimes the SAP is working slowly...

I search in net and find this paragraph :

"This kind of update is useful when you want to reduce the amount of access to the database from one LUW."

My Question is :

Whether with use of this program, other programs can be slowed Or not related?

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Just the FM runs in Update work process and will wait for commit - for this reason, the execution time is little more and no more effects on other program executions..

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This functionality will not impact other programs, You may request Basis Team to do a trace with or without running this program & get the statistics & compare for validation.


Anil Sahni

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Set Update task local will never impact the execution time for other programs since at a given instant of time there are many Work processes available and different programs mostly are processed by different WPs. It simply waits for the update to complete before beginning the processing of next update in current program.