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Set ME21n-WEORA Ticked with conditions

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Hi Experts,

i have a requirement to set WEORA field (Acceptance at Origin) ticked for some document numbers in ME21N.

i code it in "EXIT_SAPMM06E_016" like follows.


BREAK Nelson.

MEPO1313-WEORA = 'X'.

its updates but screen not update.

am i missed some thing? or any other way to solve this.

please give me with the steps

Thanks in Advanced


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Is that the correct screen field ? Because if I do a where used on MEPO1313 and tick the screens checkbox it doesn't find nothing.

Did you create an enhancement for this in CMOD and did you activate it properly ?

Also the description of the user exit is Export data to Customer subscreen. Does this field have to be shown on a customer subscreen ? If not then you might be using the wrong exit.

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Hi Peter,

Thanks for your reply.

actually i have no idea about the correct exit. but when i execute the ME21n debug point will triggered and 'X' value passed.

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That is a bit too easy for me.

You cannot just declare a table (MEPO1313) then place an X somewhere in a field of this table in any user exit and then expect it to fill a screen field.

I think you need to find a badi save or something ( ME_PURCHDOC_POSTED maybe ?) in where you can do your checks and set this EKPO field when ever the conditons require this.

You also say that depending on certain  document numbers you need to do this or not, but ME21N is a create transaction so you won't have a number until you save it. Therefore to add this X when you call a screen would not fullfill your requirement because there is no way you can check the document number (has not been generated yet)

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Hi peter,

i have tried so many times and so may ways. still pending the solution.

any suggestions please?