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Sending Mail from SAP to External Source

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Hi Experts,

We are on ECC 6.0. I have configured the standard SAP system for

sending mails from within SAP to our company mail server. The

mails from SAP are going successfully to our official company

ids, But when i am trying to send mails to outside address like

eg. " email@removed " or " email@removed ", it is not going and

giving an error recipient unknown.

The configuration of SAPConnect is correct because mails are

going successfully to our company id, to send outside do i need

to do something extra???


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This may be a network issue.

Some hints/questions to ask yourself and/or your network admins:

Is your company mail server (the address you use) within the local network?

If so, will your network firewalls allow outgoing SMTP traffic from your application server?

Can your application server resolve the domain names for the mail addresses?

If all mails are sent to or throug your company mail server, is that server set up to relay the mails for other addresses? Most mailservers will not relay in order to avoid spam abuse.

Maybe you can try (or have a sysadmin try) to send mails directly from your application server's O.S./shell to the outside world and start debugging from there. I've known mail issues to be the worst kind (as a unix sysadmin).

Good luck!


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You could try the following -

Goto transaction SCOT.

Select the node for SMTP (or whatever node is configured for sending mails) and display/change 'general node data".

Set the addresses for the Internet (supported address type).

On the resulting screen add the address area "email@removed" or " *@removed".



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Please enable the relay permission on Exchanger for the SAP server.



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Hi ATGBasis ATGBasis ,

Please explain more clearly, how to enable the relay permission on Exchanger for the SAP server.



Edited by: Sinhto on Jul 10, 2008 8:35 AM

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Hi Sinhto,

I am facing the same problem i.e. i can send mails from SAP to my company address but cannot send it to external mail id's like emailid@yahoo or emailid@gmail.

Did you get solution to your problem. If yes then please share it.



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Please contact with Network administrator of your company, request him enable the replay permission on Exchanger. (Because of security, the Network adminstrator always diable this function).



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It's Mail Relaying and it allows a mail server to send email (or relay it) on behalf of other systems. Many companies have relaying turned off because it is a security risk.

For example, allowing relaying will allow your system to send an email from though your email server which manages emails for This could be used by a rogue to send spam through your email server.

Also, if you try to send an email from an account that your mail server does not handle some receiving servers may assume it is spam and block it.

For this reason, only allow mail relaying on the email server for your domain and only from the SAP systems. This will prevent abuse from occuring because relaying is enabled.

Have you set the default domain for SAPconnect:


Microsoft note on SMTP Relaying: