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Sending Invoice List via External Send

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I need your help with the following:-

I keep getting the following error message when trying to produce output for Consolidated Invoice (VF21 transaction) via External send

Please enter an address number

Communication type cannot be used

I have configured the Medium External Send for this Output Type and also maintained the Business Partner e-mail address and also the Standard comm.type - Internet Mail (SMTP) in the customer master data, and the mediums for the partner functions via the Output control in SD configuration.

Output works ok with 1 Print and 2 Fax

Print program is a bespoke ZVADIL01 which is copied and amended from the SAP standard RVADIL01

I know a lot of the standard SAP programs have been updated to work with external send functionality, but it seems that RVADIL01 for consolidated billing has not - any ideas why ?

Please could you advise what needs adding to our print program in order for my External send output to be produced

Many thanks for your help



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Hi Tony,

I was wondering if you've been able to resolve this one? I also encountered the same issue but haven't found any answers here.



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We actually raised this via OSS (SAP ACTIVE GLOBAL SUPPORT) to SAP themselves

This was there response.....................................................................

Thank you for contacting SAP ACtive Global Support.

Please find the following comment given by our developer :

Unfortunately, we don't have the functionality external send of invoice

lists. It is not realized in program RVADIL01.

As it has never been a part of the solution, the best recommendation

I could make at this point is to create a development request for

this functionality to be included. The details of how to do this

are in When you create a development request

you will be given a message number which you can track and see has

your request been granted or if not - the reasons why.

SAP is a customer driven system so all development requests entered

are appreciated and considered very carefully by our development team.

Sorry for no better news.

Best regards,

Chew Hooi, Koh

SAP - Active Global Support


So it seems that a lot of the standard 'R' programs were updated to accomodate Email facility, but not this one.

we have sufficed with the FAxing for now, -

It would be possible to amend /copy RVADILO1 to a 'Z' program and get an aabbper to add in the functionality to allow email functionality.

It looks like SAP may consider it, if they have enough requests for it - it is very strange that they have not done this already, as i would have thought that most companies do infact use consolidated invoice lists

I hope this helps


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Thanks Tony. I was thinking I'm missing something. Never thought it was a limitation. Thanks again!!!

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I am having the same issue right now.
Was anyone able to solve this issue?
I look forward to hearing any suggestion!